Pioneer Debuts New DJ And Producer Quality Speakers

Well established among other companies, Pioneer is a long-time supplier of high quality sound, audio and musical products and professional equipment for the general consumer and career veteran alike. Now the company is offering the new 5-inch S-DJ05 and 8-inch S-DJ08 speaker systems for excellent sound quality. However, both of these speakers are mainly intended for DJs and music producers aiming to create superior sound fitting for a music studio.

Furthermore, each model is an active reference speaker designed to control speaker settings from a single external controller that’s included with the package. In addition to this, the speakers have a built-in linear equalizer that you can operate from the controller. With the S-DJ05 and S-DJ08, you can also switch among the four built-in audio terminals with ease so you can quickly toggle between computers and your DJ equipment or additional mixers and amps connected to them. This eliminates the need for a sub-mixer.

Lastly, the Pioneer speakers sport a a built-in LED display for showing the active source and the EQ status. Both set of speakers will be available this coming January and you can reserve them in advance as well. The S-DJ05 speakers will go for $899 while the D-DJ08 speakers retail for $1199 if you reserve them.