Pioneer BDPLX80 Blue ray disk player


Pioneer has rolled out its latest Blue Ray Disk Player BDPLX80. It corresponds to DTS-HD high resolution, Dolby TrueHD and supports HDMI connection. It will be available at a price of 210,000 Yen from late October. A great product from Pioneer for Audio enthusiasts! BDP-LX80 is nex-gen player that possesses input function for connection with AV multichannel amplifier. It also corresponds to HDMI control. It consumes 35 W of electric power. The BDP-LX80 is capable to reproduce BD-ROM (BDMV), DVD video, DVD-R/RW (video mode), DVD-R DL (video mode) and music CD, PC file MPEG1, MPEG2 (hi-vision including) and WMV9 (hi-vision including), WMA9, MP3, WAV, JPEG, PNG and GIF. A wealth of input and output terminals is loaded in the Player for enhanced connectivity.

Via: Pioneer