Pinnacle Black Rhino Series Subwoofers

You can end your search for the ultimate subwoofer in bass performance with the new Pinnacle’s Black Rhino Series subwoofers, Rhino Ten, Rhino Twelve and Rhino Fifteen. Designed to fill up even the largest rooms with deep bass down to 21 Hz with ear splitting volume up to 127 db SPL, these subwoofers are the crowning achievement from Pinnacle.

For maximum bass clarity, the Pinnacle Black Rhino series subwoofers use 12 gauge internal wiring. The subwoofers further use massive 20 pound drive units with 3" voice coils and ultra high powered amplifiers of 1200-1600 watts for the maximum in SPL.

Ideal for music, home theater and professional applications, the Pinnacle’s subwoofers- Rhino Ten, Rhino Twelve and Rhino Fifteen are available for purchase at $1,395, $1,795 and $2,395, respectively.