Pico Genie unveils new lightweight portable screens

You know something? Having a pico projector without a proper screen to view your favorite movies and video clips is somewhat akin to having an iPod without a dock, or along that line. Pico Genie has introduced a trio of new screen sizes at 25”, 32” and 40”, tipping the scales at only 1.2 kg (for the 32” model).

Having said that, you know that these portable screens are a snap to tote around, letting you make presentations on the move. Of course, I do wonder whether pico projector technology has caught up fast enough to make sure presentations in brightly lighted rooms will look good, since the lumens of such projectors have so far failed to impress.

The screen will handily slide shut into the base which is actually a thin black tube, making it super easy to tote around. When opened again, the screen will glide upwards and stand upright, where it is supported by an easily adjustable foot. This means you need not search for a suitable projection surface ever again with Pico Genie’s offering.