Philips to 3D Buffs: BAAAAHAHAHAAAA!

If you’re fond of Philips’ line of home theatre products, which you might be because it’s a good line (some of which are pictured at right), and you were hoping to get 3D in your home from them any time soon, the above headline applies.  Philips is pointing and laughing in your general direction.  Dig the word:

The company said it has “no immediate plans to launch any commercial 3D TV products in the short term” and that any plans “will depend on 3D TV standards.” In Thursday’s press conference, Philips conceded that 3D isn’t stable yet and that the technology “isn’t quite there.”

Maybe they missed the memo, but Sony’s already neck deep into developing a line of 3-D capable Bravias. And what’s more, Sony figures they can have it on the market by the end of 2010.  Now here’s the question–who’s full of it?

Philips says it’s not stable technology.  But they developed a 3-D display LAST YEAR.  Sony says it’ll be market ready in 2010.  Is Philips hiding something?  Or is Sony just engaging in scenarioing us rosily, as it were?  Stay tuned, folks–the home 3-D war could get messy.