Philips SRM7500 Vista Remote

Windows Vista is just round the corner and its only natural that 3rd party products are pop up like there is no tomorrow. The latest Vista product is Philips SRM7500 Vista Remote that uses Two-way RF technology, so you don’t have to be in front of your PC to make the thing work! The remote is pretty sleek and the chic design is quite a relief from the usual bulky stuff out there.

The Sideshow remote will let you access the Media Centre controls of Vista which means you can access photos, music, or videos while your PC is off on a LCD. The remote also claims to have the largest database when it comes to universal remotes. However Philips have thrown in a monochrome display which sticks out like a sore thumb!

Product Features

* Two-way RF technology that doesn’t need line-of-sight to control PC functions.
* Bright 6-line display that offers users complete flexibility to view and select their content, such as music playlists, from the palm of their hand.
* Enhanced universal remote features; with the largest database of any universal remote control on the market today with virtually no remote-controllable home equipment that it can’t recognize.