Philips SPA2360 and SPA4310 2.1 Speakers

Bring out the best in your music with the newly launched SPA2360 and SPA4310 2.1 multimedia speakers by Philips. These speakers will work great with your PC, laptop and even your MP3 player.

The speakers come integrated with a 2.5-inch satellite speaker driver. The SPA2360 has a 4-inch subwoofer driver with 10W output and 6W output power satellite, while the SPA4310 has a 5-inch subwoofer with 12W output and 9W output power satellite. Both the speakers feature Bass reflex bass and Magnetic Shielded LSB loudspeaker enhancement. For connection with audio sources, the speakers offer 3.5mm audio jack.

The speakers are capable of providing high-quality sound even at low volumes, making them ideal for a romantic dinner. Bring home the Philips SPA2360 and SPA4310 2.1 speakers and listen with pleasure!