Philips Prestigo SRT9320 Remote Control Packs a Touchscreen Too

Do you want a touchscreen on your universal remote control? I am not sure I want one. After all I don’t want to be looking at the touchscreen when I can watch TV and simply feel the buttons on my regular remote. Regardless of my taste in remotes Philips has designed a new universal remote control. The Prestigo SRT9320 is the remote that has a 2.8 inch color touchscreen right on top of those regular buttons I was talking about.

The screen is supposed to take care of the favorite channels and the custom commands. The remote can control 20 devices and you can be programmed without connecting it to a PC. The remote control is a little expensive at $249 but then again touchscreens aren’t cheap. It will arrive sometime in Q1 of 2009 so better save some cash for the remote of the future.