Philips plays with DESIRE and LUST with its new Aurea


Philips UK proudly announces their latest innovation Aurea in succession to ambient lighting technology. Today at the European expo IFA Consumer electronics manufacturer Philips will debut their innovation that generates light effects on the sides of a television. Philips announces a Campaign of Seduction and Desire with outstanding Aurea. Say bye to other technologies and bring light and color to life in an unparalleled, highly visual and immersive fashion.

The Aurea is a quantum leap forward integrating the lighting directly into the frame unlike the technique employed in the conventional glass frames. After experiencing Aurea, Paris-based jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer said, “The Aurea is filled with innovation, something that all creators strive for, and as soon as you begin to view something on the screen, you become fully immersed in the experience itself.”

Exuding seduction, Aurea awakens your senses and lets you in the world of desire and luxury. Philips partnered with creative film director Wong Kar Wai to create a short film, inspired by the concept of seduction by light, which will be shown exclusively on next generation Ambilight televisions. For more information please visit

Via: Philips