Philips Lumileds debuts new Thin Film Flip Chip (TFFC) Technology

Philips Lumileds, a global leader in healthcare and lighting applications recently announced its new Thin Film Flip Chip technology offering 17% more light production than any other opposing thin film chip architectures. The TFFC procedure involves elimination of the sapphire substrate and also roughening of the chip’s light giving out surface to perk up light output effectiveness. Philips TFFC plan is optically and thermally better than competing chip architectures and this technology is by now implemented in the company’s LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Flash group. The exclusive TFFC planning is a precondition for extra innovations from Philips Lumileds’ Advanced Labs group, out of which some were used to achieve the companies record 115 lumens/Watt performance earlier this year. Till now there is no word about the pricing and availability of this new Thin Film Flip Chip. So, please stay tuned till our next updation on this exclusive Thin Film Flip Chip.

Via: Businesswire