Philips Introduces The Econova LED TV With Solar-powered Remote

Recently, Philips introduced a new 42-inch LED TV called the Econova, which has won the European Green TV 2010-2011 award from the European Imaging & Sound Association. It utilizes the newest LED technology for decreasing power usage, making it energy efficient up to sixty percent and providing top-of-the-line image quality. Furthermore, the LED TV only uses 40W of power in eco-mode. It also sports a Zero Power Switch, which cuts energy usage down to 0W when the TV is turned off.

However, the most fascinating thing about the Econova is its solar-powered remote control. It has an on-board battery that gets recharged by solar energy. Now that’s sure to save money on disposable batteries and probably help the environment too. Click here to watch a video of the Econova LED TV on YouTube.