Philips DVD Micro Theater USB MCD299


Philips came out with DVD Micro Theater USB MCD299 to enrich your AV experience. Equipped with 4-disc charger, offering you not only unmatched audio quality but also crystal clear visuals, the home theater by Philips is a must buy for movie buffs.

Optimize the frequency range for Rock, Jazz, Pop and any musical style enabling the digital sound control. Digital adjust the sound balance and sound frequencies with graphic equalizing technology. The amplification by digital amplifier leaves you mesmerized for long. 4” woofer and Bass Reflex Speaker System and an active subwoofer system deliver the desired result.

Philips MCD299 DVD Micro Theater USB powered by a 110-240V features front motorized loader, 4-disc charger, LCD Display time and an alarm clock. A 24 key remote control operated by 2xAAA batteries completes the entire package. Price still kept hidden and leaves you wondering.

Via: Philips