Philips Cineos 32PFL9613D 32in LCD TV

Philips has an upcoming 32 inch LCD TV in the works and it is the Philips Cineos 32PFL9613D 32in LCD TV. The model is the new 32in screen LCD TV ‘based on’ the 32PFL9603D, a TV that earned a pretty rave review from us back in July of 2008. This naturally bodes well for the 32PFL9613D.

Aesthetically the 32PFL9613D appears no different at all to the 32PFL9603D. The glossy black bezel is great but the set really makes its mark with the novel transparent shroud that curves forward around the bezel’s edges.

What’s more, since the 32PFL9613D enjoys the latest ‘Spectra’ version of Ambilight, the extent to which the colors coming from the TV’s sides match the color content of the image is frequently uncanny in terms of both the tone and geographical location of the color.

(Source) Trusted Reviews