Philips Announces HTS8160B Soundbar

Philips has a new gadget to help you setup your home theater. The HTS8160B Soundbar will offer you a Blu-ray disc player, a subwoofer and integrated speakers. Ready to pair this Soundbar to your fabulous new HDTV? How about pairing it with your iPhone or iPod touch? That’s supported too! But let’s check out some of the specs of the HTS8160B first!

While the Blu-ray player and subwoofer are not that impressive, that speakers sure are. Philips will offer you an Ambisound HD speaker system capable of Dolby True HD and 7.1-channel surround sound.

The Soundbar is available in Singapore right now for around $1,500 so you’ll have to wait a while until your favorite electronics store will start selling it.