Philips 47PFL5704D Television Review-Poor Value

There are times when a television is tough to review, because it’s not necessarily a bad system, it’s just not as good a system as you can get.  The Philips 47PFL5704D is an excellent example of a system that isn’t necessarily a problem in its own right, but compared to what’s available, even despite the fact I own and have been very happy with Philips in the past, it just falls flat.

The Philips 47PFL5704D is a forty seven inch 1080p LCD television with the Pixel Plus 3 engine, HD Natural Motion, four HDMI ports, and a collection of presets based on your viewing needs (there’s a movie mode and a sports mode, and so on).

Like I said, it’s not specifically a bad television.  If you bought one, you likely wouldn’t have a problem with it.  But where the problem comes in is in the price.  This sucker retails for about fourteen hundred bucks.  And considering the numbers of fifty inch televisions and up that retail for the same cost or less, I don’t see a whole lot of reason to pick up a Philips 47PFL5704D.