Philips 42PFL5522D WideScreen TV


Philips’ new 42PFL5522D WideScreen TV will let you enjoy digital TV with all its brilliant flicker-free progressive scan pictures with optimum brightness and superb colors.

Let us have a look at the unique features that are combined to make the Phillips 42PFL5522D WideScreen TV perform brilliantly:

  • 1000 page Hypertext for instant fast access to teletext
  • 3D combfilter separates colours for a razor-sharp image
  • HD LCD WXGA display, with a 1366 x 768p resolution
  • HD ready for the highest quality display of HDTV signals
  • Integrated Digital Tuner for DVB-T reception
  • Pixel Plus HD for better details, depth and clarity

In addition to these you can find a contrast ratio of 5000:1, incredible surround, dynamic bass enhancement sound and 2 HDMI inputs for full digital HD connection in one cable in this wide screen TV. By its exciting and lifelike sound the Philips 42PFL5522D WideScreen TV will surly boost up your spirit and your living room too with its compact and slim design.