Philips 202P7 flat color monitor

Phillips recently launched its 22” real flat color monitor 202P7 with 0.25mm dot pitch to be used with Mac or PCs.

By automatically adjusting color and luminance, the monitor with red flat high contrast CRT, displays true to life pictures. Maximum display area offers a resolution of 1920 x 1440.

The lead free display will not affect your health and is very environment friendly. The 90-degree deflection angle makes it more usable. The easy to use onscreen instruction window lets you adjust the screen performance according so that you get the feel and comfort of professionalism.

Adjust the brightness, shape, color, contrast, zoom in and choose the language you want to work in using the OSD controls. The FCC, CE and ISO certified monitor true on screen color representation.

Though the price not disclosed yet but the monitor is surely going to give you a professional feel with all the features involved in it.