PHC PMA-Series Programmable Modular Amplifier

PHC PMA-Series Programmable Modular Amplifier Professional Home Cinema (PHC) is all set to reveal its latest PMA-Series Programmable Modular Amplifiers, designed to redefine the role of power amplifier in high performance audio systems. You can stopover at CEDIA EXPO for a quick look at the amplifier.

The PMA-Series are as easy to operate as to install. They are the first products to offer ultra-high resolution wide-band FIR digital equalization to loudspeaker processing. The amplifier utilizes a four-channel mainframe driven and includes digital crossover filters, calibration abilities and easy to use system set-up. Each PMA amplifier is programmed through a custom Windows Utility and GUI, while system programming and calibration is carried out via a series of intuitive drop down menus. The LCD display in the front panel offers real time feedback during system setup. With these amplifiers you can rest assured of dynamic and articulate sound that usually cannot be achieved with conventional audio systems.

PHC will start shipping the PMA-Series in the first quarter of 2011.