Phase Technology Teatro WL-SURR Wireless Surround Speakers

Phase Technology is pleased to announce the addition on its latest Teatro WL-SURR line of wireless surround speakers, designed to deliver uncompromising performance with wireless convenience to any audio system or home theater.

Each speaker use uncompressed wireless transmission and requires just an AC power connection for operation. At just 4.5" deep, the speakers feature an on-wall Bipole/Dipole switchable design available in a white or black cabinet. The transmitter operates in the 2.4 GHz band and features active digital crossovers, 100 watts of total amplifier power and three inputs.

Any existing powered subwoofer can be easily turned into a wireless sub with the optional WL-RX SUB receiver. Those who want two rear and two side surrounds can use two systems in a room. And for users wanting multiple wireless subwoofers can use any number of sub receivers with one transmitter.