Perusing Netflix Queues Reveals Strange Results

Now here’s a little something interesting–seems the folks out at the New York Times put together a few interactive maps of ten major cities, showing the most popular Netflix titles in each.

You know how you can see the most popular movies in your zip code when you check out the main menu?  They basically took it a step farther and started stringing them together.

Apparently, some movies enjoy a certain geographical presence.  For instance, Minneapolis loves The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but in some parts of nearby Chicago, it doesn’t even make the top ten.

And the best part of it is, you can even check your own area.  All you’ll need is a Netflix account, zip codes and a state to search and you’ll find favorites from all over.  The results are at least mildly interesting, but also can help give you some insights into what to program into your queue for later enjoyment in your own home theater.