PentaTone Releases Snapshots Soundtrack on SACD

PentaTone Classics has released the original soundtrack to the movie Snapshots on SACD. Like earlier PentaTone releases, the Snapshots Soundtrack album is a single inventory release, available only as a Hybrid Layer Multichannel/Stereo SACD. The disc is playable on CD and SACD equipment.

Snapshot is a European movie starring Burt Reynolds and Julie Christie. According to the movie’s ads, the film is about «first love and second chances». Here’s how PentaTone describes Snapshots:

Larry Brodsky lives and works in a second-hand bookshop situated on a canal in the heart of Amsterdam. He is a middle-aged American who moved to Amsterdam in the ‘sixties. An Irishman, Paddy, helps him in the shop and Rose, an ageing prostitute, services him every Wednesday during lunch.

One day, Larry finds a collection of poetry he had published back in his hippy years, and it reminds him of his lost dreams.

In his youth, he had fallen in love with a girl in Morocco, but was forced to give her up when he discovered that she was married. This all comes back to him when one day a young American girl of Moroccan descent, Aпsha, walks into his bookshop.

She has fled Los Angeles owing to complicated family affairs. She is trying to find herself and is using a camera to help her along…

When Larry’s assistant Paddy suddenly leaves, Larry asks Aпsha to help him out in the shop. Larry appears to be falling in love with her, but problems are lurking ahead. Max Meyer, a local Mafia boss, wants to buy Larry’s shop in order to open the world’s first Sex Supermarket. He makes him an offer which is hard to refuse, but that is exactly what Larry does.

In the meantime, Aпsha continues to explore her body with the camera. When she meets Tim, a boy her own age who owns the photography store next to the bookshop, she asks him to develop the photos. But only if he promises not to look at them.

Finally Larry realises that Aпsha does not feel the same way about him and things suddenly start moving fast. Meyer starts to pressure Tim and uses the photos to blackmail Larry into selling the shop. Aпsha is totally disgusted, but Larry can’t tell her the truth. Then up turns Aпsha’s mother, Narma, and Larry’s dreams finally come true, but in a way he had never thought possible.

And Aпsha? She finds out who she is; just like the rest of the world, which finally gets to see the photos.

Music Composer and Peformers
The soundtrack features electronic and symphonic music composed by Bob Zimmerman. The electronic music is performed by Bob Zimmerman and Toon Vieijra while the symphonic music on the soundtrack is performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens.

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