PCTV TeleScope All-in-one TV tuner/antenna

Pinnacle Systems Inc. recently launched all-in-one digital television tuner and antenna PCTV teleScope. Convert your computer into a digital TV capable of recording, editing and timeshifting. The low power consumption PCTV telescope with a slim-line remote control easily connects to three computers in a network.
"The Pinnacle PCTV teleScope meets the demand created by two accelerating trends in the PC market," says Joern Lembke, Pinnacle’s director of product management, TV viewing. "First, in the consumer space there’s a steady migration from traditional desktop PCs for the home office to portable platforms like notebooks. Second, we see a new market sub-segment, composed of laptops with screens of 17" and larger.”

The three integrated softwares namely Pinnacle TVCenter Pro, Pinnacle DistanTV, Pinnacle VideoSpin ensures that it suffices all your needs. The USB device a digital video broadcast and high sensitivity antenna in one device gives you ultra-sensitive high quality reception and a neat and clean look for your PC.

You can do video editing, stream TV signal to three computers in a LAN and direct one-click DVD recording using the softwares. Not only this you can pause and rewind your favorite TV shows. The Windows Vista® certified Pinnacle PCTV telescope retails for 69 € and will be available in middle of September, 2008.

Via: Press