PBS introduces Image-series speakers

PBS is excited to announce that they will soon bring a lineup of their Image-series speakers to the American market.

In fact, they are updating the entire series with a line of high quality speakers perfect for completely outfitting your home theater. Pictured above is said series and according to EngadgetHD will run you $899 and $1,999 for the T5 and T6 floor standers, respectively, Additionally, you are looking at $399 for the B5 and $499 for the B6 monitors, $299 for the B4 sub-compact speakers, $275 for the C4 and $375 for the central channels and last but not least $799 for the S5 bipolar surrounds.

It’s definitely a lot of money but in this case you’re paying for quality and that’s what it comes down to in terms of home theaters, right?