Pass Labs XP-25 Phono Preamplifier

Pass Labs XP-25 Phono Preamplifier Pass Labs, known for its range of high-performance audio products has introduced an ultra high-quality, line-stage audio preamplifier, the XP-25 Phono, developed by Nelson Pass’ Co-designer Wayne Colburn. The XP-25 is a higher performance sibling to Pass Labs’ exceptional XP-15 Phono Preamp, followed by Pass Labs’ award-winning X-ono phono-stage.

The XP-25 Phono preamplifier features new circuitry designs, unique dual-chassis of brushed aluminum and a front panel with rotary switches. Ideal for use with moving coil and moving magnet cartridges, the preamplifier offers a new dimension of dynamics and spectral richness with a more expansive soundstage and an extremely low noise floor. It also boasts adjustable gain, a low-cut filter, two separate inputs, mute, resistive and capacitive loading on the front panel access.

You can now get the XP-25 Phono Preamp through authorized Pass Labs dealers at MSRP of $10,600