Pass Labs INT-30A Integrated Amplifier

Pass Laboratories, renowned for high-performance audio products, is all set to introduce the new INT-30A Integrated Amplifier at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, in January. The amplifier boasts easy operation, low-noise super-symmetry circuit and quality performance.

The INT-30A is based on the XA30.5 Stereo Amplifier and is Pass Labs’ second integrated amplifier. The amplifier is a combination of sonic performance with space-saving benefits of an integrated amplifier. It is rated at 30 watts-per-channel into 8 ohms, and 60 watts into 4 ohms. Designed to bridge the gap between high-end audiophile components and simple audio products, it boasts an excellent dynamic range and fast response. It presents recorded materials with a sense of realism and accuracy. The amplifier promises delivering clean, expansive sound at an inexpensive price.

The INT-30A is already available from authorized dealers at a suggested price of $7,150.