Participation Slide TV by Screenpeaks Ltd.

.Screenpeaks Ltd. Launches Participation SlideTV to expand the variety of TV Programmes and to optimize the revenues.  The viewers can stay connected with each other along with participating in SlideTV SMS to TV chats, games, quizzes, voting and auctions or share personal information with each other and all that regardless of set-top-box. One can interact with the TV content using SMS, MMS, IVR or Internet.

“Screenpeaks’ commitment to technological innovation and market lead allow us to create another paradigm shift in the SlideTV market with our new suit of Participation TV formats. Our new Participation SlideTV™ offering opens new horizons for our customers, with endless possibilities for creating new and exciting entertainment TV channels”, says Moshe Yannai, Screenpeaks CEO. “Interactivity and participation create loyal viewer communities, which are essential for operating a profitable entertainment TV business”.

Screenpeaks Ltd. offers its viewers the new revenue generating applications by launching Participation SlideTV in the market. Viewer can create new and exciting entertainment TV Channels and open new horizons for themselves.

Via: Businesswire