Paradigm Signature W5 On-Wall Speakers

Paradigm Electronics Inc. recently launched powerful ON-wall speakers W5 based on Signature v.2 technology. The speaker houses six cutting-edge drivers and the Signature W5 and W5 C (center channel) speakers.

“People will be blown away by the performance of the W5s,” said Mark Aling, Paradigm’s marketing manager. “Before these speakers, you simply could not find on-wall models that produced audiophile-quality sound. We’ve yet to read or hear a bad review of our Signature v.2 technology, so we’re confident the new W5s will impress even the most discerning ears.”

The crossover design offers superior dispersion both on- and off-axis. The midrange cones, Co-PAL cobalt-infused pure-aluminum bass, bronze-anodized die-cast aluminum chassis and P-Be Pure-Beryllium dome tweeters make a system enough to fall for. The system also boasts AVS airflow ventilation system cooling. The best results can be obtained by tilting W5 on wall side-to-side and W5 C up or down.

Paradigm Reference Signature W5 and W5 C models with Piano Black inlay with dark gray cabinet or silver cabinet are priced at $2,999 each.