Paradigm PDR v.4 Series Subwoofers

paradigmlogo.jpgParadigm, the leader in speaker manufacturing has come up with its new PDR v.4 series subwoofers. Designed with added features and improved enhancements, this subwoofer series promises to deliver its best performance giving you true value or your money.

Also, known as the fourth generation of PDR subwoofers, PDR v.4 series will deliver deep bass impact and sport a remarkable improvement in its external appearance. The PDR v.4 series comprises of two models, PDR-08 and PDR-10 and they come with reinforced polymer-composite cones on the 8 ? and 10 ? single forward-firing drivers. This new cone material is there to ensure an excellent rigidity and superb internal damping.

“As a leader in speaker design and technology, Paradigm is committed to continuously upgrading existing product lines as our research and design team makes new breakthroughs,” said Paradigm’s Marketing Manager, Mark Aling. “Our dealers and our customers expect Paradigm to be on the cutting edge, and ‘tweaking for perfection’ has become a company mantra in this pursuit. Nowhere is this more evident than in the release of our PDR Series v.4 subwoofers.”

Both the models of the PDR v.4 series features a bypass option on the subwoofer. Moreover, they incorporate the phase alignment that allows the listeners to compensate for 180 degrees out-of-phase scenario. Its new, sleek curved edges and lifestyle-friendly design give it an ability to flex its cosmetic muscle.

The PDR-08 v.4 come in the dimension of 14 x 12 x 14-3/8 and weighs just 10.9kg. While PDR-10 v.4 measures 15-1/2 x 13-1/8 x 15-1/4 and weighs around 13.2kg. One thing common to both these models is that they consume 300 watts Dynamic Peak/ 100 watts RMS. Both PDR-08 and PDR-10 are available the market in black and silver colors.

Via: Press