Panasonics new 3D camera will be used by NASA

Japanese electronics maker Panasonic has just announced a new 3D camcorder, the AG-3DA1, which is capable of shooting 3D video through twin lenses and dual 3MOS sensors. The camera can record 3D in 1080p full HD. But what’s more interesting, is that Panasonic’s new 3D camera will used by NASA in an upcoming space shuttle mission this Summer. In addition to 3D cameras, Panasonic will also be sending up 25.5-inch 3D LCD monitors and laptops to help with all the 3D footage the astronauts will be shooting.

The Panasonic 3D camera, AG-3DA1 will be available later this year for a staggering $21,000. Start saving up your money if you’re looking to make the 3D feature of yours.