Panasonic Viyella TH-65PZ750SK Plasma TV

.Panasonic recently announced the new PZ750 series with Terrestrial BS 110 degree CS digital hi-vision plasma display. TH-65PZ750SK is efficiently deigned to provide high picture quality, it is the biggest model of the series. It has a high aspect ratio of 16:9 with the base machine weighing approximately 82.0 Kg, uses AC 100 (50/60Hz) for power supply by consuming 588kWh/year. The TV has a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 units to provide an effective picture size of 1434mm x 807mm. Synthesis 36W (JEITA) the audio utility boosts up the sound mechanism for unbelievable results with integrated 3 way 6 speakers treble quality of force.