Panasonic Viera TCL32X1 Review-Nothing Spectacular

As the LCD television market grows, whether or not revenues grow with it, there will always be a class of LCD TV that’s nothing really special–it’s merely there.  And the Panasonic Viera TCL32X1 is a perfect example of one such system.

It comes with one HDMI port, one SD card port, one S Video jack and one component jack.  It also includes the standard Viera Link system, the Viera Image Player, and an iPod connection port.

So you can see that, already, this system is behind numerous others on the market for its lack of ports.  The standard-definition Philips I bought as an open-box three years ago has more connections than the Viera does.  And when an LCD can’t do as much as a standard-def set, well, you KNOW it’s sort of behind in the market.

As for performance, well, sure, it looks pretty good, and sounds all right, but it’s nowhere near as spectacular as SOME systems I’ve seen.  And considering that they’ve got an asking price of six hundred bucks a unit on this one, you’d figure it’d do a lot more than just be a thirty two inch LCD.

All in all, you can really do better than the Panasonic Viera TCL32X1, and in every regard, it shows.