Panasonic Viera LCD X1 HDTV

Thanks to the Viera technology of Panasonic and the integrated iPod entertainment kit, home theater entertainment has been made easier. With an iPod dock ready to hold the conventional iPod devices available in the market today, all you have to do is to insert your iPod and select the “VIERA Tools” button on the remote control to pull up the iPod icon.

Once shown, you can browse through the contents of your iPod and select the music, video or podcast options. It is that simple to get the most out of these Panasonic flat televisions for release in the market.

The iPod Entertainment Kit, Panasonic’s new VIERA X1 Series LCD TVs are equipped with a full suite of HD entertainment features. The television includes VIERA Image Viewer™ with an SD Memory Card slot for sharing photos with friends and family, a PC input and Game Mode. The X1 series also includes three HDMI inputs* which can be controlled by the VIERA Link button on the remote control. All X1 LCD televisions are high definition with 720p resolution, a contrast ratio of 12,000:1

(Source) Panasonic