Panasonic Unveils New DMP-HV Portable TVs

Panasonic has unveiled a new batch of DMP-HV portable TV sets which can double as digital photo frames. This includes a silver colored DMP-HV50 which features a 10.1” LCD priced at ?50,000. Other models include the DMP-HV100 which retails for ?65,000, the DMP-HV200 for ?90,000.

These portable TV sets come with a digital photo frame mode which you can use when you are not using the TV mode. A memory card slot and USB port are included in these portable TV sets. Other features include DIGA which allows you to record live TV and a built-in DLNA. The HV-100 and HV200 is set to come out in April while the HV50 should be released by June 25.