Panasonic Unleashes Thin Profile Plasma and HDTV Prototypes

Panasonic is scheduled to release a couple of Ultra-thin prototypes of its Plasma and HDTV line at the CES, aiming to provide better advancements as far as picture quality and environmental performance is concerned.

Banking on their newly developed NeoPDP technology, Panasonic aims to deliver new TV solutions to cater to viewing demands and environmental concerns. Among the environmental concerns include that of more energy efficient flat panel televisions, a common problem that energy hogging Plasmas and HDTVs have been known for.

By taking advantage of the vertically integrated business model for PDPs and LCDs, Panasonic continues to accelerate its technology development, according to characteristics of each device, in order to facilitate the continuing evolution of flat-panel VIERA TVs and to respond to the ever-diversifying needs of its global customers.

(Source) Panasonic