Panasonic To World: Stick A Fork In Tube TV

Because they’re done.  As in Panasonic is done making them.

After fifty five years of making televisions involving tubes, Panasonic is now selling all its interest in CRT-based ventures to focus solely on flat panel models.

Frankly, this is a move that was a long time coming and, in a way, I’m almost surprised it took this long.  LCD TV prices are falling with every passing day.  It’s now entirely possible to get a 1080p thirty two inch LCD for under five hundred bucks.  CRT-based televisions no longer offer the significant cost advantages of their predecessors, and they’re much harder to move and transport, making them a tough prospect for just about anyone even considering buying a new TV to think of.

Why buy a tube TV when LCD sets cost about as much and look so much better?  There’ s just no sense in it!  And that’s exactly the conclusion Panasonic reached.