Panasonic to Release First Viera 3D LED TVs This Year


Panasonic has just come forth to let us know that they will be shipping their first ever 3D LED TVs this year. Falling under the companies Viera TV brand these 3D LED TVs will come in two flavors, the 32-inch TX-32DT30 and the 37-inch L37DT30.

While not too much is known about these televisions, Panasonic tells us that both models will feature IPS displays, Viera Connect Internet services, WiFi, DLNA, 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and a PC input. No word on pricing just yet but Panasonic says the DT30 3D LED TVs will be available in UK starting this May.

We’ll keep you posted in terms of a North American release.

via pocket-lint