Panasonic TH-AX200 Projector


Panasonic’s latest TH-AX200 Projector features high brightness 2,000 lm and high contrast 6,000:1. The scheduled day for its sale is October 29th. Watch film like images by this latest addition to Panasonic’s projector series. It also delivers 3-D quality images. Panasonic TH-AX200 Projector features 0.7 Type (aspect ratio: 16:9) Liquid crystal panel, Resolution 1,280 dot ?720 dot ?3 (R G B), Lamp 220W UHM (high pressure mercury lamp), Brightness 2,000 lm (ANSI) (dynamic iris on time), Projection lens Manual optical 2 time zoom lens/focusing lens F=1.9 – 3.1 F=21.7 mm – 43.1 mm and Screen size 40 type – 200 types.Via: Panasonic