Panasonic TH-AE2000 Liquid Crystal Projector


Panasonic Japan rolled out its latest TH-AE2000 Liquid Crystal Projector that boasts of High contrast 16,000:1 and high brightness 1,500 lumens for full-bodied home theatre adventure. This full hi-vision liquid home theatre crystal projector will start shipping from October 29th. Panasonic TH-AE2000 lets the users enjoy rich full hi-vision Hollywood picture quality with 16 bits optical system and the digital signal processing. The Projector equips electromotive 2 time zoom lens & lens shift function and all in one remote control.


  • Indicatory device: 0.74 Type (aspect ratio: 16:9) Liquid crystal panel
  • Resolution: 1,920 dot ?1,080 dot ?3 (R G B)
  • Lamp: 165 W UHM
  • Lens shift function: Horizontality (largest ±40%)/verticality (largest ±100%)
  • Keystone distortion revision angle: Vertical direction: Approximately degree of ±30
  • Projection picture size: 40 type – 200 types
  • Power source: AC 100V
  • Electric power consumption: 240 W (when standing by 0.08 W)

Via: Panasonic