Panasonic TCP65V10 Television Review-Youll Get What You Pay For

If you are willing to drop positively epic amounts of cash on a new television set, which these days is a bigger prospect than one might think, then brace yourself for the Panasonic TCP65V10, a huge screen plasma TV that will indeed give you every bit of performance that you pay for.

The Panasonic TCP65V10 is a sixty five inch 1080p plasma television that comes with two ten watt speakers, a THX certification, four HDMI inputs, a PC input, an S-video port, two component inputs, two composite inputs, two audio inputs, an analog audio output, an optical audio output, 3D color management, sub pixel control, pixel orbiter, and a whole host of image inhancement technologies.

The end result is a television that delivers a truly impressive picture, along with decent sound but at a price so outright monstrous–thirty seven hundred bucks at Best Buy–that it’s difficult to recommend it by any objective measure.

There’s no doubt that the Panasonic TCP65V10 is hugely expensive–almost extravagant in an age of frugality–but it cannot be denied that this thing is BEAUTIFUL.