Panasonic TCP54G25 Plasma Television Review-Full of Utility

And now, we end a week of reviews with a look at another fine entrant in the Panasonic lineup. And what we’re closing out the week with is a look at the Panasonic TCP54G25.

The Panasonic TCP54G25 is a fifty four inch 1080p plasma television that offers Viera Cast systems for streaming access (including Skype, if you use an optional webcam attachment), 600 Hz subfield drive and a game mode for reduced blurring in fast motion settings, the Viera image viewer to look at pics off SD cards (not to mention take advantage of the SD card slot included in the set), THX certification, Viera Link to help control other Panasonic devices from one remote, two ten watt speakers with surround sound, three HDMI ports, two component inputs, two composite inputs, an ethernet jack, two USB ports, a PC input and digital audio output.

Both picture and sound do well here, as does the sheer amount of capability this thing offers by allowing both streaming through the television directly and PC connectivity. What’s more, this one almost offers even balance for old and new equipment, making it a likely hardware solution to cover yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s tech. Lots of great features here, the sound is nice, the picture is great…good enough by most any relevant standard.

And considering you can buy this for fourteen hundred dollars in at least two places, I’d even say the price was right. Yes, it’s expensive, but once you get your eyes on it I think you’ll see why it’s expensive.

I doubt anyone out there will really be disappointed with the Panasonic TC-P54G25. There’s just entirely too much utility here to get upset with it.