Panasonic TCP50X1 Television Review-A Bit of a Disappointment

Generally, plasma televisions have a little edge in the marketplace over LCD televisions.  They look a little better, on average, they sound a little better, and naturally, they cost a little more.  The Panasonic TCP50X1 falls into that category nicely, in every respect.

The Panasonic TCP50X1 is a fifty inch 720p plasma television with a pair of twenty watt speakers, progressive scanning, a secure digital media slot, three HDMI ports, one s-video port, two component video ports, two composite video ports, and one optical audio output.

Now, like I said, plasma televisions do look a little better on average, though this one really doesn’t have that much better looks than some of the better LCDs I’ve seen.  The sound is also of solid quality if a bit unimpressive.  And the controls are simple enough to operate so that’s not a huge problem.  Where I’m a bit dismayed is at the price.  This beastie retails for seven hundred fifty bucks, and that’s a bit more than a 720p system should ever go for.

You can do a lot better than the Panasonic TCP50X1, but it’s still a fairly well done piece.