Panasonic TCP42C1 Plasma TV Review-Horrifying

I was prepared to start this review somewhat sedately, describing a TV that wasn’t half bad but had some problems.  But then I caught up to one last detail that made my jaw drop in horrified alarm.

First off, some basics.  The Panasonic TCP42C1 a forty two inch TV showing in 720p.  It includes two HDMI slots, Infinite Black Dynamic contrast and a six hundred hertz subfield drive.

Now, the sound on this one is pretty far from bad.  I liked the fidelity on this one and found it to be well within most tolerances.  But the problem I had was when I checked the video up close and found that at close range there were artifacts in movement video.  I expect an LCD TV to do that, but a plasma?  Especially a plasma running seven hundred bucks?  I’m sorry, but no.  Just NO.  Put a quarter in the don’t jar, thank you very much, because plasma TVs should NOT have artifacts close up.

And yes, you read that preceeding right–this IS a seven hundred dollar plasma you’re loking at.  And frankly, it’s maybe worth HALF that.