Panasonic TCL42U12 Television Review-An Interesting Proposition

I don’t get to come in contact with a lot of Panasonic televisions, so my brief visit with a Panasonic TCL42U12 yielded a whole lot of interesting points.

The Panasonic TCL42U12 is a forty two inch 1080p LCD television with Motion Focus Technology, two built in speakers with twenty watts of power, Viera Link capability, a memory card slot, three HDMI inputs, one S-video input, two component inputs, two composite inputs, one audio input, and one optical audio output.

The sound and picture on this one are both really very good–that twenty watt speaker setup seems to do its job here nicely, and the 1080p appears to be as good as advertised.  And there are plenty of ports here for your various components.  After all, three HDMI slots is enough for most anything, and if your tech happens to be a bit older, then two component inputs should go a long way, especially with an S-video to back it up.

Even the price is within the realm of sanity for the lower end of the big screens–forty two inches for seven hundred dollars at Best Buy?  I’ve heard vastly worse offers, I assure you.  Better than average performance and size for a decent price?  The Panasonic TCL42U12’s got it, and it’s worth considering.