Panasonic TC-L42U22 Television Review-Im Torn

Panasonic’s Viera line has often been, in my experience, kind of a mixed bag.  Sometimes you get the really good ones, and others, you wonder how they even made it into circulation in the first place.  Today’s offering from Panasonic, the TC-L42U22, is far from the best, but certainly not the worst.

The Panasonic TC-L42U22 is a forty two inch 1080p LCD television that offers intelligent scene controls, a twenty watt speaker system, three HDMI inputs, two composite video inputs, three audio inputs, one component video input, one PC input, and a variety of Viera specific tools like Viera Link, Viera Tools, and Viera Image Viewer.

Like I said, I’m torn.  This system definitely has a lot more versatility than some other models we’ve talked about–composite and component inputs are present if a bit shorter than some would like, but there are also HDMI inputs and a PC input to give it some more looking-forward effectiveness.  The sound is pretty decent but I wasn’t too fond of the video, and the price is merely pretty good for a forty two inch television–Best Buy wants seven hundred and fifty bucks for this thing.

I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse.  The Panasonic TC-L42U22 is hard to recommend, but it’s also not easy to discommend either.  In all honesty, it’s worth taking a look at, just maybe not a second look.