Panasonic Slashes Prices on Select Plasma HDTV Sets

Panasonic has announced some significant changes regarding some price adjustments on some select Plasma HDTV lines. Depending on the models, customers can get a $100 and $200 price reduction of the standard retail price, a big savings that looks to boost the sales of select lines of Panasonic sets and provide customers an easier way to consider purchases at their nearest Panasonic retailers.

Under the terms of their price reduction scheme, Panasonic reduces about $200 for its 46-inch models. This included price adjustments to its TCP46S1, from $1,499 to $1,299; the TCP46G10, from $1,699 to $1,499 and the TCP46G15, $1,799 to $1,599. For its 42” lines, the TCP42X1 now costs $799 from $899.

The reduced prices will be the new regular prices of the products going forward, and are not part of the instant-rebate programs that were recently offered on some models, according to a Panasonic spokesperson.

In July, special bundled promotions on TVs and Blu-Ray players or A/V systems. Overall, customers can enjoy big savings from these great deals from Panasonic.

Lastly, Panasonic has announced as well the launch of the TCP54Z1 ultra-thin 1080p plasma set for $6,000. The high-end, 1-inch-thick plasma display will have an outboard box containing tuners, inputs and a wireless HD transmission system to link to the display screen from more than 32 feet away.

(Source) Twice