Panasonic SC-SX950 SD stereo system

panasonic-sc-sx950-sd-stereo-system.jpgPanasonic unveils SC-SX950 SD stereo system in two color options -S (silver), -K (black). The company has planned to yield monthly output quantity of 8,000 units. 

The SC-SX950 SD stereo system will ship from September 21st. Weighing approx. 4.0kg, the Stereo System reads CD, CD-R and CD-RW and supports CD-DA, WMA and MP3 formats. Users can store up to 80GB of content in the HDD of the system.

Panasonic’s SC-SX950 supports Version Bluetooth Ver.2.0 + EDR conformity. Collect your favorite music wirelessly and store in the hard drive of the system to enjoy it at your whims and fancies. Thanks to the SD card that makes high speed transfers possible. Dock digital audio player D-snap to the system to transfer data at the press of a single button. The system can also be connected to portable telephones including NTT FOMA P902i, P902iS, P903i, P903iTV, P903iX and P904i.

Via: Panasonic