Panasonic SC-HTR Series Theater racks


While extending its exclusive SC-HTR theater racks line-up, Panasonic simultaneously unveiled two new Theatre racks viz. SC-HTR510-K and SC-HTR10-K. The former model is a 3.1ch rack theater, while the latter is 2.1ch rack theater. As for the SC-HTR510-K, it delivers 65W?3ch front and center speaker output and supports 90W subwoofer.

The SC-HTR10-K model yield 25W?2ch output and bears 30W subwoofer. Both the racks correspond to VIERA link. The stunning models are also compatible with AAC, Dolby digital,DTS decoder and linear PCM input of HDMI. The SC-HTR510-K model consumes power up to 125W and weighs 69Kg.

However, its counterpart consumes less power at 43W and weighs just 22Kg.The HTR510K is available for 200,000Yen and the HTR10-K costs 50,000 Yen.