Panasonic SC-HT640W Home Theater System

Panasonic unveils another sturdy solution for home theater system specialists with the Panasonic SC-HT640W. A unique wireless rear speaker makes the Panasonic SC-HT640W an impressive value for anyone in the market along with the usual familiar components of a great home theater system setup.

While the single-box design of the rear speakers eliminates all the wires except a power cord, the resulting sound isn’t as spacious as that of conventionally placed surround speakers and the wireless signal may blink out on occasion. And like most bargain, all-in-one, home-theater systems, the Panasonic SC-HT640W offers only meager connections for external A/V devices.

One feature to avoid on the SC-HT640W is the Surround Music option. It’s supposed to deliver music with equal intensity from all five of the speakers.

(Source) One India