Panasonic SC-BT303 Home Theater System Review-Mostly Ready For Tomorrow

Sometimes you get a look at something that’s right on the cusp of cutting edge–something that would be the device of tomorrow if not for one or two small issues, and that’s exactly what we get with the Panasonic SC-BT303, a device that’s not yet ready for tomorrow, but will do just fine for today.

The Panasonic SC-BT303 is a 7.1 channel 1250 watt home theater system that’s comprised of six satellite speakers, a center channel speaker, a subwoofer, an iPod cradle, and a Blu-ray player. You’ll also get a headphone jack, an optical digital input, an HDMI output, two SPDIF inputs, a component video putout, a composite video output, and an Ethernet port.

While the sound quality here is definitely pretty nice, especially given that this sucker’s pulling in the kilowatt range, it’s got one major problem. The strange part about the SC-BT300 is that, while it does off streaming, it will only actually stream from certain sources. It’ll stream from YouTube, and from Amazon Video On Demand, but you can forget about Netflix and Pandora, which is definitely a strange dichotomy. But still, you’re getting a complete system here–Blu-ray, speakers, subwoofer, the works.

And you can actually get one of these out at Amazon for the surprisingly nice price of three hundred forty eight dollars, which is really good considering what all you get for it.

The Panasonic SC-BT300 isn’t perfect, not by any stretch (working with Netflix should probably be a standard feature, based on how things are going), but it will still do a nice job, especially if you’re not too big on streaming and want to stick to the newest physical media.