Panasonic SC-BT230 Home Theater System Review-Powerful But Pricey

I like Panasonic hardware because, frankly, it’s given me plenty of reason.  It often delivers high-quality components with lots of options and great sound, sometimes for a bit too much money, but most of the time, for a decent price.  The Panasonic SC-BT230 is a perfect example of Panasonic at its peak, if not necessarily at the best value.

The Panasonic SC-BT230 is a five channel, WiFi-ready home theater system that offers a thousand watts of total power, a Blu-ray player along with five speakers (the rear speakers are wireless ready, but you’ll need an adapter) and a two hundred fifty watt subwoofer, a variety of built-in surround sound decoders, Internet connectable (which in turn provides access to a variety of content providers like YouTube, Bloomberg, and Netflix), an iPod dock, and digital noise reduction.

I definitely approved of the sound coming out of this thing, and having access to Blu-ray is a move toward the future.  Everything else seems well in hand, but the price is edging up toward the realm of out of line, frankly, weighing in at a whopping four hundred dollars.  But still, you are getting a really nice sound system out of this, with plenty of options, so this isn’t exactly a problem unless you’re watching your budget really closely.

So as long as you can put up the cash for your own Panasonic SC-BT230, you should be pretty satisfied with it when you get it home.